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Hello there! My name is Bryan.

I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based out of my hometown Albuquerque, NM. I got my bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Advertising and Marketing. I have worked on websites, vehicle graphics, billboards, flyers, posters, business cards and streamer graphics. If it can be designed, I can do it!



Tell me what type of design you are looking for. I will ask you questions specific to your project and collect all the information I need to start. 


I will design your project from the information you have provided. Then I will email you a proof/sample of the design to see if there are any changes, or if the design is approved. 


Once the design is approved, I will send you an invoice via Paypal. Once the invoice is paid I will send you the final print or digital files, depending on the type of project. 


$25 USD each

  • Includes three PNG sizes for each design (112×112, 56×56 and 28×28)
  • Revisions are free, unless the commission has to be redone completely or the client keeps wanting too many changes. Additional charges may then incur.

Hi-Res PNG file: $5 USD extra for each design

$35 USD for a set of six badges, if the design between each badge doesn’t change. +$10 USD for each new color variation.


$10 USD for each badge if the design of each badge changes (example: 6 badges = $60 USD). 

  • Includes six PNG sizes for each design (18×18, 28×28, 36×36, 56×56, 72×72 and 112×112)
  • Revisions are free, unless the commission has to be redone completely or the client keeps wanting too many changes. Additional charges may then incur.

Text Logo design can vary greatly upon the design and the quantity of drafts requested, but Logo design begins at $75 USD. Mascot/Character Logo Design begins at $150 USD.

Pricing relies heavily on the design complexity, and the addition, and or subtraction of wordmarks. All mascots unless otherwise requested receive The Mascot/Character Base Design, Text-mark, and Mascot and Text-mark combined for use in all branding.


Testimonials from my clients

  • Bryan’s sub badges and emotes came out EXACTLY as I had pictured in my head, even better most of the time. Super professional to work with and finished everything within a couple days.
  • Bryan’s style is what initially caught my eye, impressive line work and attention to detail. He is very professional and flexible with creating my badges and emotes, and really brought the ideas to life. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
  • I’ve worked two times with Bryan and everytime i found myself well to work with him. It’s very helpful about what you want to get draw, he do the right things to make the exact draw you’re thinking and his work are great and in constant progression.
  • Easy to work with and very creative! Quality is great!
  • I have commissioned Bryan for several various projects ranging from logos and branding, to numerous ‘one-off’ emotes and other spontaneous illustrative requests. He has handled personal requests of my own, as well as fulfilled commissions for a content creator whom I work for. Out of a pool of maybe 8 to 10 other artists I’ve worked with, Bryan is one of the two people I can confidently say has truly gone above and beyond every time. In addition to providing high quality results, his turnaround time is outstanding and his rates are more than fair considering the effort he puts in. He should charge more.
  • Whenever I need new emotes for my Twitch channel, Bryan is always my go-to artist. Great communication and most importantly, his art is of outstanding quality and my community loves it! He never disappoints.
  • Bryan is easily one of my favorite illustrators and my go to for Twitch emotes. He's reasonably priced, has fast turnaround times, and always makes sure I'm happy with the final product. I can't recommend him enough!
  • What I got was amazing! Detailed and sharp images and just the way I described on how I wanted them to be, almost better in fact!
  • I have now purchased 6 emotes from Bryan, and they are just the BEST. I wasn't really sure exactly what I wanted, gave him a general idea and he NAILED it! Everyone in my channel including myself jokes about me being a potato gamer and having potato moments, so I really wanted an emote that could capture this, and not only did he deliver the best potato emote you will ever see, it has since become the new emote theme on my channel! My viewers loved my new emotes so much they started subscribing specifically to get the potato emotes and some people gifted out subs to others so they could all use the potato emotes in my raids. Not only are my emotes adorable, great quality and giving my channel a professional look, but they are also generating revenue!! Bryan was very professional throughout the process, but not stuffy. You give him an idea and he brings it to life better than you could imagine. He responds quickly and gets the emotes done in less time than it takes for others to even begin, all while supplying professional, high quality art that is unique and original. I hope to get partnered sometime somewhat soon, specifically so I can get a million more emotes from him! In the meantime, he will be doing any merch, logos, or bit tier emotes I unlock from here on out!
  • Not sure how I stumble upon Bryan’s work but glad I did! From commission to payment of artwork everything went by smoothly. Would recommend 10/10 and will definitely be back to commission more art from them :D
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