Hello. I’m Bryan

Hello. My name is Bryan. This is my first time ever writing a blog. However, I want to share more of my experiences, projects I really have fun working on and just anything going on in my life with people. Posting my work on social media like Twitter and Instagram is great, but there not a lot of space to really explain my thoughts. I would to have this space to share more behind my way of thinking, maybe some sketches or ideas that didn’t work out that wouldn’t really look good posted on social media. I do hope to one day stream my work and interact with people like some of the other great designers I see and follow myself. But until then, I will blog my creative journey and share as much as I can. Since this is my first blog, I will explain a little more about me, my background and who is Bryan.

I’ve been doing graphic design for about 10 years now. But I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. I was that kid in pre-school that could color in the lines and as the years went on, was that kid always drawing some weird scene or character. As I grew older and I took any art classes I could in school. Then when my senior year in high school came I decided to take a class simply called “Photoshop”. And here is were I first came in contact with the Adobe program Photoshop. I really loved being able to create unique photos and images that in real life were no possible. As my senior year came to an end I started thinking what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I had no clue. I always told people I might become an architect because at the time it was the only career I thought I could make a living while still drawing. I ended up finding a college in my city that only specialized in art majors. Even though drawing was my first passion I decided to major in Graphic Design, because the way I saw it, combined my love for art/drawing with my love of technology. I met some really cool and creative people and learned a lot about design and branding and marketing.

Fast forward to about two years ago I stumbled upon the world of Twitch. I had never knew anything about emotes or stream graphics. I did however, know how to draw and had the Adobe programs. I can’t remember the first emote I did but I remember doing some for people who I was in a gaming community with, who themselves, where streamers. I’ll be the first to admit that my first emotes were not that good. I learned A LOT through trial and error. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I also started to find other artists that where pros and had been doing emotes, twitch graphics and other illustrations for years. I looked at their emotes and looked at mine and really broke down the differences. What was it about their emotes/artwork that I really liked and why didn’t mine look like that? Every time I would get a new emote commission I would apply different techniques to see what worked and what didn’t work. Through constantly pushing myself to be better I finally have to a level where I really like my emote style, but feel it is unique.

I’m still learning everyday and trying to get better. I think everyone, no matter what profession or stage you are in life, should always be willing to learn. And now that I have shared a little of myself, I think I will bring this blog to an end.

Thank you for reading and visiting my website! Stay tuned and follow my social media for new posts and blog posts!



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